Celta Vigo vs Real Madrid (LIVE STREAM): How to watch online

This is a backward primary match that was supposed to play at the beginning of February, but because of the storm that was then hit Vigo, the match was canceled. No one then could have guessed that the game play just now, but in the meantime, both teams had a lot of obligations in European competitions, where the Celta reached the semi-finals of the European League, and Real to the Champions League final, and there was simply no space or time to a match played earlier. Now the game is important for Real, because they are in the fight for the championship and not should not lose at Balaidos, while Celta completely relieved, but a bit shaken after elimination from the Europa League. All are dedicated to this competition so they are in a series of five League defeats. Real is therefore imported four triumphs in the Examples and have once again celebrated in the Champions League, with one painless defeat. In the first season of the Real with a lot of problems related celebrated against Celta with 2: 1, but the Celta was successful in two duels Cup quarter-king.

Celta Vigo – Real Madrid : WHAT TO EXPECT?

All the Celta in the finish of the season devoted to performances in the Europa League and badly wanted to reach the final and over the great Manchester United, but ultimately failed. They lost the first match at home and were defeated with 1: 0 and it was very difficult to catch up at Old Trafford, however, Celta are not taught and in the finish are at the result 1: 1 had the opportunity to achieve the second goal of the finals. Therefore, the elimination was particularly painful and, although myself really have nothing to complain about and gave their maximum. In the championship they paid dearly long stay in the European league, a coach Berizzo aware of the situation did not waste the best players in the Examples, and therefore the results lately have been very poor.

Unlike Celta, at Real Madrid do not remember when some sword could play calmly and without any imperative. They were constantly under pressure and in the Champions League have all endured, and reached the finals, while in Examples resisting pressure from Barcelona and all still hold in their hands, provided that in no way should not lose in Vigo. Despite the fact that in every match must be in the points, coach Zidane boldly in some games on the court sent changing everything setup, provided that they have won even more easily than the team which is considered to be the first and best.

Celta Vigo – Real Madrid : DIRECT MEETINGS

Last 5 direct meetings:

25.01.17 CDR Celta Vigo Real Madrid 2 : 2
18.01.17 CDR Real Madrid Celta Vigo 1 : 2
27.08.16 LL Real Madrid Celta Vigo 2 : 1
05.03.16 LL Real Madrid Celta Vigo 7 : 1
24.10.15 LL Celta Vigo Real Madrid 1 : 3




Celta Vigo – Real Madrid : WHO WILL WIN THE MATCH?

The question is whether the Celta recovered from falling out of the EL and if I can inspire you in this essay. Real Madrid need to win and this is most important, and it is irrelevant whether it will be quite convincing and therefore might host could avoid just a disaster, if you will already lose the match.

How to watch Celta Vigo – Real Madrid on Desktop

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